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MS Hobbies Minox Specialists since 1969

See MS Hobbies Live at the NEC Birmingham Photography Show 2019.

The only chance in the UK to see the complete range of 8x11 and 35mm Minox optics, cameras, film and accessories for sale.

  • Demonstrations of daylight film processing
  • Enlarger master classses
  • Processing classes
  • Using Scanners and getting the best out of 8x11 and 110 films
  • Real prints from a Minox Enlarger
  • Spy gadgets as seen in film and tv in use
  • Borrow a Minox camera for the show

Remember the Stand! A33


  • MINOX Film Cassettes wanted; best prices paid

Minox Colour Processing Order Form download

Minox Black and White Order Form download

We have recently have tested TMAX 100 film with Kodak TMAX developer and fixer. Results are closest yet to the fabled quality achieved by Wallace Heaton’s Minox Processing.

Advice on buying Minox Film

Most MInox films you see on Ebay or Amazon are out of date by 7-25 years and range in price from £25 to £30 per film. Well for £9.99 you can buy a fresh film from the Hobbies.

The following Minox films are in date and good for processing:

  1. Sharan 100 or 400 ASA
  2. Blue Moon 'Spy Film' Range

All other colour films advertised are either lower quality or use obsolete processing chemicals.

  1. Minocolor 100, 100 PRO 400: Expect colour shifts, grain
  2. Fuji Minochrome (marked E6) - Should be OK. Not tested.
  3. Agfa CT 18, CN17, CT18, Agfa MInochrome: cannot be processed because the chemicals are not now manufactured.

Black and White films use at your own risk. They may or may not come out. Generally we find this:

  1. Minopan 25 100 400 - OK to process good results
  2. Agfapan 25 Ortho 25 100 400 - Extended processing needed: grainy, blotchy.
  3. Adox 17/15/Plus-X - 1960-1975 - unlikely to yield good results.

All is not lost if you have purchased such a film,: you can send the cassette for us for refilling with fresh Minox film from only £6.99.


Films and processing services for your APS film camera.

We stock hard to find APS film, and offer full processing services. Photographic shops come to us for services, as we can process APS film that cannot be loaded into automatic laboratories.

Download the APS processing form here:

APS BW Processing

APS Colour Processing

From £6.99

Advice on buying APS film

Most unused APS film is not ageing well. Expect heavy grain and blue shift. Our film we test and freeze.

Brands that have been tested.

  • Fujucolour
  • Kodak Advantix
  • FNAC 400 ASA

Scanning notes:

Commercial APS scanners (fuji/agfa) were designed to read the barcode on the developed APS film. However, when APS film is processed, the film comes out OK but the commercial labs cannot read the barcode. In that case we use a manual holder on our Nikon Scanners to scan the film at maximum resolution. If a lab says to you 'we cannot scan the film', send it to us.


Why wait 6 weeks for your 110 films from Lomography Lab? A customer reports today (6-feb-19) that Lomography UK lab is closed and processing turnaround has consequently stretched to 6 weeks.

With fresh 110 film from Lomography now available after many years, there is now every good reason to exploit that 110 camera tucked away in the drawer. Process all Lomography films at MS. Hobbies: slide, black and white and colour.

110 film in stock all types: Black and White, Colour and Slide.

Download our processing form here for

110 BW Processing

110 Colour Processing

Advice on buying 110 film

Please do not take the chance of buying older 110 film from auction sites and expect decent images from your 110 camera. Recently, we have seen a trend where customers have purchased 1990's or early 2000's 110 film. The results are sometimes so deteriorated that they have be scanned as monochrome to extract detail.

Brands which should be OK:-

  • Fujucolour 2001-2009
  • Konica/Sakuracolor 1999
  • Tudor 1980's
  • All Lomography films

Brands which do not keep

  • 3M/Boots/Dixons/Jessops/Truprint (especially the latter)
  • Kodacolor II/VR100


The cheapest, fastest and highest quality processing service for your disc film in the UK. From only £12.50 and 10 day turnaround, all work done in the UK, by hand.

  • Processing and Scanning of the Disc Film is non-destructive.
  • Disc films in stock freezer-stored for sale. Grainy but usable.

Download the order form here:

Disc Film Processing

Advice on buying disc film

Only buy Kodak disc film from 1988 onwards for use today. Other brands use at your own risk. We test Kodak disc film: it is grainy but colour and sharpness are surprisingly good.


We offer personalised lessonson how to use your Minox camera, how to process and scan your films. Ask for details of future classes and dates. We can also do webex presentations for remote on-line learning of how to use Minox cameras.

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http://www.minox.com/index.php?id=downloads_overview&L=1 - for free manuals.

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