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Cameras, Accessories, ilms and processing for the MINOX 8x11mm system

Cameras and Accessoriies for the Minox 35mm system

8x11 mm film supplies

Orders for all 8x11mm films with cassette and case are now special order only. All film types are availableup to 100 ASA but cassette supplies are limited. There is a backlog of orders caused by shortages of film cassettes.

Customers CAN send in their own cassettes for refills of :-

  • TMAX 100
    DELTA 100
  • EKTAR 100
    VELVIA 50
    VELVIA 100

Please bear with us as we buy in more cassettes for folliwng. We cannot find newly made cassettes at this time.

Imacon Scans for Minox and 110

Customers wishing for the highest quality of Minox scan comparable to an analogue print from a BW Minox enlarger or an analog colour print with the same quality as PAARZ labs can wait no more. Finally, with help from Hasselblad, we can offer scans from a Precision III scanner using a custom holder for MINOX negatives or slides. Resolution is 6300dpi.

Costs for a single MINOX scan from a negative or a slide

C41/E6 £4.99

BW £5.99

TIFF format provided

FFF RAW format optional extra (+20%). To view RAW format in Photoshop, you need Hassselblad's plug-in for Photoshop. Warning: these files are large.

Minolta 3480 Scanner

Minox II BW Image 1949 (c) Eric Campbell

Nikon LS5000 Scanner

Minox II BW Image 1949 (c) Eric Campbell

Flextight Precision III

Minox II BW Image 1949 (c) Eric Campbell



Films and processing services for your APS film camera.

Download the APS processing form here:

APS BW Processing

APS Colour Processing

From £6.99

Advice on buying APS film

Most unused APS film is not ageing well. Expect heavy grain and blue shift. Our film we test and freeze.

Brands that have been tested.

  • Fujucolour
  • Kodak Advantix
  • FNAC 400 ASA


Why wait 6 weeks for your 110 films from Lomography Lab? A customer reports today (6-feb-19) that Lomography UK lab is closed and processing turnaround has consequently stretched to 6 weeks.

110 film in stock: Lomo Tiger 110

Download our processing form here for

110 BW Processing

110 Colour Processing

Advice on buying 110 film

Please do not take the chance of buying older 110 film from auction sites and expect decent images from your 110 camera. Recently, we have seen a trend where customers have purchased 1990's or early 2000's 110 film. The results are sometimes so deteriorated that they have be scanned as monochrome to extract detail.


The cheapest, fastest and highest quality processing service for your disc film in the UK. From only £12.50 and 10 day turnaround, all work done in the UK, by hand.

  • Processing and Scanning of the Disc Film is non-destructive.
  • Disc films in stock freezer-stored for sale. Grainy but usable.

Download the order form here:

Disc Film Processing


We offer personalised lessonson how to use your Minox camera, how to process and scan your films. Ask for details of future classes and dates. We can also do webex presentations for remote on-line learning of how to use Minox cameras.

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http://www.submin.com/8x11/index.htm - for a wealth of information

http://minoxdoc.com/ - for repairs and examples of rare models

http://www.minox.com/index.php?id=downloads_overview&L=1 - for free manuals.

http://www.subclub.com - for budget film cutters and budget films

http://thefrugalphotographer.com - rare films