MINOX exposition November 2018

To celebrate the 80th anniversary of the launch of the VEF Minox, I invite you to Hilversum, Holland for a special show. Organised by long-time customer Mr Hagers, see many rare Minoxes and stock up on films for your Minox.

Travel from the UK is much improved now with the new direct Eurostar service to Holland.


1940 and 1984 cameras

MS Hobbies
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The home of subminiature cameras in the UK. The portal for cameras, accessories and affordable films for your newly-acquired Minox spy camera. The source for Minox, 110 and Disc film processing in the UK.

The black Minox is from 1975, the chrome from 1941. The £9.99 film is from 2018. All cameras give excellent results. 'C' Size 120 x 28 x 16mm. Weight 120 grams.

Minox cameras have been on television recently in the "BBC's Secret Agent Selection" and "More 4's David Jason's Secret Service". M.S. Hobbies supplied cameras, film, processing and expertise to both programmes based on our technical know-how, experience and ability to supply the exact period equipment needed for both documentaries: 4 x VEF Riga Minoxes, films, processing and enlargement facilities.

We process and sell fresh 110, Disc Minox films and cameras for all Minox, Acmel 110 and Disc cameras, from any vintage.


New Classic Minox films in stock - Special Purchase

The Minopan will be in good order, maybe add only 1.5 minutes extra for development of 400 ASA film.

The Minocolor Pro may be colour-shifted to blue spectrum. As it ages, this is what we found. But this is the last chance to buy the original colour and monochrome film.

The great new way to develop a fine-grained film. Only use 1 chemical rather than 3 to develop your black and white film. No developer no stop bath no fixer just 1 simple chemical. 


Minox Developing Tank for darkroom-free processing of your films.

Use with Minox or medical thermometer to agitate the solution and test the temperature.

1930's spiral design, no need to use a darkroom to load the film

£75 with thermometer.

£55 without

Minox negative wallets to keep your images flat, secure and dust-free. Choose from 50 or 40 exposure wallets.

From £0.95


Films and processing services for your APS film camera.

We stock hard to find APS film, and offer full processing services. Photographic shops come to us for services, as we can process APS film that cannot be loaded into automatic laboratories.

Download the APS processing form here: APS Processing

From £6.99


With fresh 110 film from Lomography now available after many years, there is no reason to exploit that 110 camera tucked away in the drawer. Process all Lomography films at MS. Hobbies: slide black and white and colour.

110 film in stock all types: Black and White, Colour and Slide.

Download our processing form here for : 110 Processing


The cheapest, fastest and highest quality processing service for your disc film in the UK. From only £12.50 and 10 day turnaround, all work done in the UK, by hand.

Disc films in stock  freezer-stored for sale.

Download the order form here: Disc Film Processing