VEF Minox Shutter Dial

Cameras, Accessories & Films for the original MINOX from Riga, Latvia

The Minox Aviator - one only 2 models with an black anti-scratch finish

Minox II 1949 Film lens

Minox II 1949 with original 5 element film lens and 'military aluminium' finish.

  • Minox Specialists since 1969. Cameras, Accessories and Film Processing for Minox, 110, Kodak Disc and APS format
  • Contact +44 (0)208 246 5506 (UK landline, London)
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    • Subminiature Film Photography
    • Collections Scanned to Digital Media or Dropbox
  • 110 Film Processing, Scans, and new Lomography 110 film
  • Kodak Disc Processing, Scans and replacement Disc film
  • APS Film Processing, Scans and replacement APS film
  • Leica Binoculars and Scopes new
  • Minox Main Camera dealer: Binoculars, Nature Cameras, Action Cameras and Scopes.
  • Repair Service for Minox 8x11 and Minox binoculars
  • VHS copy service, all formats (PAL/NTSC/SECAM)
  • Betamax copy service
  • Hi8/Digital 8/MiniDV copy service