Used Minox TLX Electronic Subminiature Camera with anti-scratch



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Produced from 1997 until 2015, the TLX was the final and most refined model in the range. Same specification as the Minox LX but with a coated aluminium eloxat anti-scratch finish. These cameras are hard to mark, compared with the softer LX and C Cameras.

  • 1997-2015
  • Weight: 99 grams
  • Size 108 x 28 x 16 mm 4-1/4 x 1-1/8 x 5/8
  • Battery 5.6V PX27 Original: now LR43 x 4 6V or VPX27 5.6V
  • Finish:'titan eloxat
  • Same spec as Minox LX apart from the finish

Accessories: Pocket Tripod/Case/Cable Release.

Stock: 2. One with 'Minox' marking deliberately removed for discreet operations.