New Minox Fuji Venus Superia 800 ASA 3 exp


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Only available in Japan, a rare chance to buy an ultrafast film for low-light minox photography. With a fixed aperture of f3.5 in your subminiature, this opens up a low-light world, indoors and out.

We have this or classic Fuji 800 ASA for sale.

Fuji Superia Venus 800 is a high-speed colour negative film with a nominal sensitivity of ISO 800/30° presented on a triacetate base cut down to a Minox size. With cassette.. Even at high speeds Superia 800 delivers precise grey balance, excellent colour rendering and sharpness, even in the smallest details.

Add to that the Minox look and you have an excellent film. Manually meter for best results. Use the ND filter in daylight.

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