New Acmel MD Electronic Subminiature Camera CdS Meter


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This camera looks like the Minox MX but there are many differences:

  1. CdS Meter offering full aperture priority control
  2. Black Finish
  3. CR2/N battery needed
  4. Close focus: 30cm
  5. Black Matching electronic flash
  6. Film/Batteries Included
  7. Boxed and outer-box

The Acmel MD is what Minox MX camera should have been. Tjhe MX by comparison has no meter, an ASA dial for no purpose, a battery cover but no battery. And a chrome rather than a black finish.

The history of the camera is interesting: Anasuma Camera and Mechanical Laboratory decided to make and market a new subminiature camera in the 1990's: few people bought it.