New 2005 Minox Kodak Technical Pan 25 ASA 36 Exposures (Monobath)



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High Performance

KODAK Technical Pan Film is a black-and-white panchromatic negative film with extended red sensitivity. The 2415 Film is available in both 35 mm and 4 x 5-inch sizes; it has a dimensionally stable 4-mil (100 µm) ESTHAR-AH Base with a built-in 0.1-density dye that suppresses light piping. The 6415 Film is available in 120 size with a 3.6-mil acetate base. Both 2415 and 6415 Films have good latent-image keeping and a dyed-gel backing to suppress halation and curl.

25 ASA 45 exposures with Minox case and cassette. Film made in the USA, assembled for Minox cameras by us in London.