VHS transfers to DVD or Digital MP4/AVI

We use the best copying recorder ever made.

The Panasonic NV-W1 world copying VHS recorder - PAL/NTSC/SECAM copy and automatic frequency correction.

The NV-W1 was the only commercially produced unit to copy any region's VHS tapes.

Used by video professionals and by the Acadamy Award Judges the world over, the capabilities of the unit speak for itself.

  • NTSC/M-PAL 525 lines/60 fields
  • PAL/N-PAL 625 lines/50 fields
  • SECAM 625 lines/50 fields
  • Hi-Fi Stereo Dynamic Range > 9020hz~20Khz
  • Automatic Dew warning

Comparing the NV-W1 with the modern NTSC recorders, the modern recorders cannot work out the correct sound frequency of the audio portion of the tape, so the tape has wavy lines and distortion running through it The NV-W1 sets the correct frequency so you have to see if to believe how much better the image can be.

The Panasonic DMR-EX99V - the final S-VHS/DVD/Hard Drive copying unit from 2010

  • SVHS support
  • Copy to hard drive
  • Copy to DVD directly
  • Supports input from NV-W1

MS Hobbies has been copying customers' memories for the last 3 years, and now is advertising a one stop service for your negatives, slides and even VHS and tapes.


VHS PAL £7.99 any length

VHS NTSC £14.99 any length

VHS SECAM £14.99 any length

Hi8 Video 8 PAL £7.99 any length

Hi8 Video 8 NTSC £14.99

Hi8 Vieo 8 SECAM £14.99

MinDV £7.99 any length

Cine 8mm 9mm 16mm conversion, ask for details. We can arrange transfer, but not on site.

Conversion and clean up to MP4 add £2.49 per tape.

Discounts apply for more than one tape

All copying on premises in London

1 week turnaround.

Phone for details or advice.

All formats copied from VHS

  • PAL (Non-Francophone Europe)
  • PAL-M (Brazil and Laos) 
  • PAL-N (Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay)
  • NTSC (America, Asia, US Pacific islands)
  • SECAM-L French-speaking countries or former French colonies, USSR, East Germany.
  • MESCAM Middle East

Use this handy reference article to check where your VHS tapes came from: Reference