Repairing Minox Cameras

M.S. Hobbies can repair and service Minox cameras with our own UK repairer. Turnaround though is 8 weeks+, given the current backlog. March 2018: backlog increasing.


All Minox 35's and subminiature cameras can be serviced.

Common Faults

Minox 35 - Shutter sticks. Meter fails. Aperture sticks. Battery Check fails.

8x11 -

  • Minox BL - battery leakage
  • Minox LX - meter cell window cover missing
  • Minox LX - shutter replacement
  • A/B - shutter replacement
  • Riga - CLA to make winding and film extraction easier.

Please do not attempt to repair these cameras yourself, no matter what resources you find to help you on the Internet. The German 8x11mm classic range (Riga-TLX) were designed to last for decades. Many have done so.  The Minox repair guides were circulated on microfiche material (what else), so there is no authoritative book on repair and adjustment.