The Minox is a popular prop or accessory in the movies and television since the 1946 film' OSS' to 2018's "A very secret service". Since 1990 M.S. Hobbies has supplied Minox cameras, film and accessories to the film and television industry. Call for details.

We can supply working cameras, films and processing, darkroom equipment that is authentic and would have been used by the sort of organisations portrayed in fiction and fact. Emall for hiring details.

All these programmes are new sightings of the MINOX in films and television as of August 2018. These are supplementary to existing catalogues.

2018: A Very Secret Service: Netflix

© Netflix: Season 2. Episode One .32:15 elapsed time.

Set in 1961 just before the Algerian referendum, a Minox C camera is used to photograph a burglary. Unfortunately, it is the wrong camera: the Minox C camera was released in 1968, not 1961. Even worse the camera is used without a battery - it clicked but no shutter noise.

Reported to Netflix 30-JUL-18.

Camera, and film not supplied by M.S. Hobbies.

2017: "David Jason's Secret Service" - More 4

©October Films: episode 3. One of our VEF Riga's is used by Sir David Jason to reproduce an SOE mission to photograph V1 launch sites in 1944. Actual photographs were taken with the 1942 VEF MInox and used in the series. Details here.

Camera, and film supplied by M.S. Hobbies.

2018: WW2: Secret Agent Selection - BBC

© WalltoWall. The VEF Riga makes a short but important appearance as the students take the cameras on a document copying assignment. Watch on Amazon video or DVD.Chain not needed.

Camera, and film supplied by M.S. Hobbies.

1970 Special Branch - Thames TV Limited

© Thames TV.
Season 5 Episode 2. 'Dinner Date'. A regular in the series, this KGB spy takes a quick copy of a secret folder. Technique excellent: note abundant windows and desk lamp light. Camera: Minox B with chain.

1969 Strange Report

Anthony Quayle uses a Minox B to photograph runes on punch cards. Lovely 10 x 8 prints shown of the cards.