Used Subminiature Cameras, Accessories & films.

Cameras from £59, films £9.99 for Minox, Leica Pentax and Minolta.

New Binoculars, Sports Optics: 'Made in Germany'. From Minox and Leica. From £499.

The top models in the top ranges.

Nature and action cameras from Minox.

The modern methold of nature observation. Remote mounted camera writes to an SD card.

Daylight and Night Video or stills. Motion and Sound senstive. Discreet box, patterned to match the area.


THE company known for spy cameras. From the late 1930's, MINOX was the 'other' German optical company famous for its photographic products: but its cameras in a different environment than the conventional Leica.

70 years later, MINOX flourishes as a respected manufacturer of sports and hunting optics.

rom 1938 the VEF Riga became the landmark spy camera: small enough to fit into the palm of your hand, but not a toy. Sharp enough for distant objects and documents down to A6 size.

See documentaries about the camera in our MEDIA section on its wartime use.

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From Leitz, Leica and Minox. A selection of hard to find new stock.

  1. Trinovid 8x20 BCA
  2. Minox APO-HG
  3. Minox BL-HD

Sports and Nature Optics

Minox and Leica are the very best manufacturers of binoculars, spotting scopes, nature and hunting equipment.

  1. APO-TELEVID 62 new
  2. DTC Trail Cameras

From spotting scopes to binoculars to night vision cameras and recorders, the quality and size design philosophy or Minox and Leica is valid today.

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Minox Tripod: a classic since 1943. Small enough to fit into a jacket pocket, strong enough to fit. New in stock: £75

The famous 8x11mm and 35mm camera ranges. From 1943 to 2015. From £69 to £1999. All films and accessories in stock.

Sports optics and binoculars. Made in Germany, at Wetzlar. Schott glass. From £199 to £1199.