Books, Guides and Manuals

We stock most instruction books for the MINOX and other subminiatures. We also have a range of photography books giving style and example of fahion, news and arts photographs.

Subminiature Photography 1990. The definitive guide to subminiature cameras.

HB, D/J, P304 Focal Press, 1st Edition 1990 £25

Variations in 8x11. English edition 1994 £39.99

Signed Copy £69.99

New chinese Minox guide. To special order

Minox TLX Instruction Manual new English or German £10.99. 

Minox LX Instruction Manual new English or German £10.99. French electronic scan £4.99

Minox B Instruction Manual New English or German £9.99. Spanish or Italian electronic scan £4.99(rarer)

Minox 35 GT/EL/GL/GT-S manual German or English £9.99. Original.

Minox A/III or II manual electronic scan £4.99 English

Minox Enlarger or Developing Tank electronic scan £4.99

Beaton in Vogue 1986 HB Conde-nast 1st Edition£30

Fotografika. Edward Hartwig, Warsaw 1960. 1st Edition HB £25

'Birds from Britannia' by HRH Duke of Edinburgh.
Many photographs taken with a MINOX III.

To special order from £9.99