Minox and Leica Optics: 30 year guarantee

Minox has been producing a complete range of sports optics since the early 1990's. Based in Wetlzar, the same town as Leica, the 1990's saw the interesting situation where two German binoculars makers in the same town owned by the same company. The result was that until 2002, when Minox was bought out from Leica by the management, Minox binoculars were hard to find anywhere.

Offering a full range from £190 to £1200, from the reasonable BV to rare APO-HG models, birdwatchers and hunters alike have welcomed the competition. Our own customers who have tried the top of the range Leica to the top of the range Minox report a close match in performance, if not in price.

We list all models as available from Minox. Currently we have availability of the APO-HG models and the BL HD in the shop.

In stock: MINOX APO-HG 10x43 APO-HG 8x43 £1399

This is what Minox say on their website about their own binoculars

MINOX: Overview Binoculars

Since the invention of the famous spy camera, MINOX has remained the synonym all over the world for cutting-edge technology. The name MINOX equally stands for extraordinarily innovative strength in the field of optics.

Great emphasis has been put on the highest possible quality and mechanical precision during design and manufacture. Quality, precision, solidity and longevity – these are the values typical of the brand MINOX.

MINOX offers high-tech, premium quality for the highest demands and a comprehensive range of features.

The use of high-tech special glass, precisely constructed lens systems and first class coatings provide MINOX binoculars with an excellent and high contrast image quality