Black & White Film Processing

Hand-processed and scanned black and white for all your new and treasured family images for all film formats: APS, 8x11, 110, 135,127, and 120.

The only Minox processing facility in the world to offer a service for black and white prints from a traditional Minox or 16mm Enlarger. We use the correct enlarger for the correct Minox camera for the best possible results

Processing, Scanning and Minox enlarger printing are all done in-house.

  • Download latest Black and White Processing Order form here
  • We offer processing with recommended developers for TMAX, AGFA ORTHO or DELTA films.
  • We offer MONOBATH developing for PAN-F, AGFAPAN, ORWO films.

With over 40 years experience with analogue film processing and 12 years in digital scanning, we take the time and trouble to find the best hardware, software and chemicals, and various scanning combinations to get the very best out of your precious negatives or slides.