110 Film Processing

We can process and most common 110 films from Kodak (VR, 100, 200, 400, Kodacolor II), Fuji (superia, reala). Konica/Sakuracolor have also lasted well.

The older films from 3M (Dixons, Truprint, Trucolor) can be processed, we have found they are prone to colour loss and graininess. We can correct much in software, even for barely-visible images on the emulsion.

Download Order and Processing Form here.

Resolution is beyond HD (1080p) and prints can be up to 10x8 inches.

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Any 110 colour negative or black and white film can be processed. For slides, any ,modern Lomography film can be processed, but not, (currently), Kodachrome.

We see many older films purchased and used from the 1990's. All depends how they have been stored. Heat and humidity are the biggest concerns.

If you find unexposed film: put it in a Tupperware© container and then in the fridge to stop further deterioration.

Resolution is beyond HD (1080p) and prints can be up to 10x8 inches.

World-wide service

Post your 110 negatives for scaning or films for processing and scan here.

We have customers from all over the world sending us their films either taken taken recently or found in the back of a drawer or an attic.

As fewer and fewer shops process 110 film or can even scan it, so many customers are told that 110 film cannot be processed or scanned or printed.

We have customers in UK, Eire, France, Belgium, USA, Japan, China and other customers.

Send your films to use with confidence from processing subminiature films since 1969. First Minox, now 110 and Disc. If there are images on there, we will get something out.

100 ASA perfect for traditoinal 110 cameras such as Pentax, Minolta and Canon.

200 ASA. Good for older simpler cameras such Agfa, Kodak and simple Minolta cameras

We have the stock of Peacock film still. Even Lomography are out of stoc of this right now.