Film Projectors

With 110 and Minox films now available again, there is an interesting alternative to a negative scanner with promise of higher quality than most.

The solution is to use a slide projector for the format of the film (110 or 8x11mm) and copy the large projection with a digital camera and macro lens.

The work of the digital camera is less to reduce an image than to enlarge it. Tests have shown that the apparent resolution is far superior for Minox slides than for a 35mm scanner when using those method.

This is easier than an enlarger BUT the latter is a better solution for negative strips.

Recommended Projectors:

  • Leitz Pradovit 110 (£199)
  • Minox HP24 AF (£349)
  • Minomat N (£299) - comes with daylight screen
  • Minomat (£215)
  • HP30 £150
  • Minox Enlarger II £299
  • Minox Enlarger III £349

The very best Minox scanner and projector together are still 50% cheapeer than a Nikon LS5000 scanner.

Projectors & Enlargers

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