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Repair Service

We offer a complete repair and servicing facility for most Minox 35mm or Subminiature cameras. We have an ample supply of spare parts and experience, if not time. Please be aware, however, that repairs can take several months: we have limited resources to repair each camera.

Repairs offered

  • Minox 35's - Clean Adjust and Service
  • Minox ML - Shutter Adjustment
  • 8x11 - lens cleaning
  • 8x11 - Riga/II/III/A/B/BL/C/LX/TLX/CLX Shutter Replacement
  • Minox II/III/A - ND filter upgrade ('B' filters on an earlier camera)
  • Known Camera Issues

  • Minox GL/GT/EL - shutter sticks
  • Minox ML - shutter magnets stick (new shutter design after 71xxxxxx)
  • Minox 35's all - battery check button fails
  • Minox ML/MDC - LED's do not work on manual. Stuck on 'P'
  • Download Repair Form