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Colour Photography with the Minox

This is from 1963: the advice remains good today.

This document © Minox GmbH

The 15mm f3.5 Complan lens of the MInox is anti-reflection coared and colour corrected. Hence, it is ideally suited for colour photography.

The following suggestions will be found helpful in getting fine colour pictures. The best lighting for colour pictures is that which reaches the subject from the dierction of the camera. Avoid dark shadows.

Colour pictures should preferably be taken in full sunlight. Morning and afternoon light gives the most pleasing results.Pictures taken during the noon hours have a tendency to be "cold" with a somewhat blueish cast.

Watch out for relflection. for instance: a white dress on a green lawn is not pure but will appear with slight greenish tinge.

Colour film requires more accurate exposure than black and white film. Use the meter as close to the subject as possible. When in doubt make two or three exposures with different shutter speeds. Under-exposure results in dark muddy colour tones; overexposure results in a pale negative or transparency with indistinct colours

Using the Minox BL is recommended for colour - set the exposure to under-expose to start with in case your camera under-exposed. With LX class of cameras, use the ASA control to compensate for the reading.