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Film Developing and Processing

We offer a full developing, scanning, and printing services for your unprocessed or processed films from ALL subminiature formats:-

we also offer video and film transfer services, owing to customer demand

Some notes on our services

Payment can be in advance via the shop (paypal) or by invoice or card over the phone

Old film can sometimes not come out. We will always scan whatever is printable, however films with empty or age-deteriorated images will be subject to a flat £3.00 processing change per film for time and materials.

110 film is particularly poor for 1970's or 1980's film: all depends on storage. Disc is surprisingly good. Minox, can vary a lot. Read.

Processing for C41 and Black and white films 1 week, E6 Slide film takes longer as we have to use chemical packs all at once. This is also volume dependent: all films and scans are done by hand - you cannot automate disc or minox processing and scanning. Note that APS may have to be hand scanned if the machinery cannot read the bar code on the film.

Image Resolution

Guidelines what to expect from your tiny negative or slide

Most scanners used to produce your images and prints were optimised for 35mm film. The Minolta scanners we use have a full size 324x36mm full-sized sensor that produces a maximum of 42.3Mp resolution at its maximum 5400 dpi setting. It also has a fantastic lens: and modern Vuescan software.

BUT we are scanning negatives that are not 24x36mm in size: 110 (13x17mm), APS-C (30.2x16.7mm), Minox (8x11mm) and Disc (10x8mm).

So our 42Mp full-frame sensor suddenly shrinks accordingly when scanning a Disc film: it uses a 9th of the pixels. This is why few shops like processing and scanning these films as they can look pixellated unless you take care.

All is not lost: we have found with our Minolta and Nikon scanners that sharper results are noticeable on the screen and the print at 2700 dpi: 5400dpi setting gives you a bigger print but less resolution. Print sizes for 110 and APS and Minox cap out at 7x5" for 300 dpi. Disc is 6x4". Note these are print sizes. For viewing on your tablet, remember that even so called 'High Definition' HD is only 1080x720 pixel. This is 2.1mp on a 16:9 resolution TV. Even 4k Video is only 8.2mp. Only at 8k Video do we near top professional digital cameras.