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Disc Film Developing and Processing

We offer a full developing, scanning, and printing services for your unprocessed or processed Kodak Disc Films. Scan resolutions are 2700 dpi sufficient for 7" x 5" prints.

 Viewing on on monitors, or tablets is easily catered for all modern HD screens at that resolution: remember 'HD' 1080x720 resolution is .2.3MP.

Images can be scanned to Dropbox, or sent on CD. Prized images can be scanned to archival Fuji Photo-CD.

Print sizes are adjusted exactly to the proportional size of the 10x8mm negative : with no loss of image.

Images are corrected and noise-reduced in photoshop when beneficial to the image

Your Kodak Disc is returned to you unaltered: we do not cut the negatives nor send the films off for processing outside the U.K.

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