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APS Film Developing and Processing

We offer a full developing, scanning, and printing services for your APS Film. .Scan resolution is 2000 dpi sufficient for 7" x 5" prints.

Viewing on monitors, or tablets is easily catered for all modern HD screens at that resolution: remember 'HD' 1080x720 resolution is only 2.3MP.

Images can be scanned to Dropbox, or sent on CD. Prized images can be scanned to archival Fuji Photo-CD.

Prints are all produced by a wet-lab, on high quality paper up to 10"x8"


To avoid disappointment and to set expectations, customers sourcing films from ebay need to be aware of the APS processing problem. Most labs (Fuji/Agfa/Noritsu) rely on barcodes in the later APS film to tell the machine how to scan and print the film. However, because the final APS film was produced in 2008, although the processor can develop the films OK, the scanning machine cannot read the barcode on the deteriorated film, so will not pass APS through the machine for scanning.

To solve this, we use a manual scanner holder as well has a barcode reader. So we scan processed film that will defeat most machines.

for very faded and old colour films, we will convert to black and white scans to retain detail

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APS film in stock

  • Fuji 100 £6.99
  • Kodak 100 £8.99
  • Good APS cameras

    APS suffers from the fact that the cameras were too advanced for the film quality. Bridging the gap between 35mm film and Digital imaging, many of later APS cameras looked identical in size to their early digital equivalent: just look at the Canon Ixus range, for example.

    We recommend the following APS cameras

  • Canon Ixus 240
  • Canon Ixus 240 Anniversay Gold Model
  • Minox APS Cameras
  • Leica C11
  • The Leica C11 is particularly interesting from a historical 'Leica missing the bus again' perspective.

    Steaming into APS film cameras by the year 2000 was 3 years too late. But the design is exceptionally smooth, marketed at people wanting a simple point and shoot without the weight. We stock the camera and a collectible (but not valuble, so decorative and cheap) supply of the original very nice Leica C11 brochures. These have not been scanned by Leica or anyone else as far as we know. The C11 has much nicer design elements and look than some of the other budget 35mm walking disaster areas called leica 'jaguar', zx1, c1, and so on.