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110 Film Developing and Processing

We offer a full developing, scanning, and printing services for your modern Lomo or older Kodak, Fuji, Boots or 3M 110 film. San resolution is 2700 dpi sufficient for 7" x 5" prints.

Viewing on monitors, or tablets is easily catered for all modern HD screens at that resolution: remember 'HD' 1080x720 resolution is only 2.3MP.

Images can be scanned to Dropbox, or sent on CD. Prized images can be scanned to archival Fuji Photo-CD.

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We offer new Lomo Film IN STOCK AGAIN at last slide, colour negative, black and white


To avoid disappointment and to set expectations, customers sourcing films from ebay need to be that many 110 films are expired. We recommend buying new LOMOGRAPHY 110 films. Orca black and white, Tiger colour negative, Lobster red-shift colour negative or Peacock Colour slide. If you buy these films from ebay be aware they there may not come out as you expect. However, exposed films are OK to scan. No issues.

Beware of buying these films (escept Fuji)

  • 1. Kodak VR200 – may come out (1990’s) Possible blue shift with grain
  • 2. Fuji (2000’s) an excellent film better than LOMO today
  • 3. Sakuracolour – (1999) – should come out OK
  • 4. 3M, Boots, Dixons, Ferrania: risky (1980’s-1990’s) maybe totally blue
  • 5. Kodacolour II, (1970’s) – unlikely to come out